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Vanessa Hannah Bright, L.Ac., L.P.

If you're reading this page, you have probably read several, possibly similar, others. Every therapist is unique. What's important is that you are looking for someone you can trust, and that can be hard to discern from a website. You'll want to know about my education and experience, of course, but more than that, I believe what's important is that you find something to connect to in me as a person. So I will tell you a little about who I am and how I got here, and you can decide whether you'd like to come in for a consultation.

My training in the field of helping people began in 2004 when I enrolled at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where I got my Master's degree and the license in Acupuncture (that's what the L.Ac. credential stands for). The medicine (Chinese Medicine, that is!) was fascinating, and was my first discovery of both the inter-connectedness of body and mind, and of the healing therapeutic relationship. This rigorous training lasted 5 years, after which I passed the National board exams to receive my license.

Following this, I opened and ran a community acupuncture clinic for about 2 years. While it was a meaningful experience, I still felt that there was something missing in it for me. What I found myself drawn to was the emotional side of things, and I wanted to learn more about what it is about the therapeutic relationship that's, well, therapeutic!

It is at this point, in 2011, that I began my training at the Institute for Expressive Analysis. This is where things began to make sense and resonate with me on a very deep level. I began seeing clients for psychoanalysis in 2012, and began to create my own blend of psychoanalysis and Chinese Medicine. (I do not practice acupuncture anymore.)

At this time I do only talk therapy - psychoanalytic psychotherapy. I integrate my knowledge and experience of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, but do not do any acupuncture or any other touch-based treatment. My strength as a practitioner lies in working with psychological and emotional issues using psychoanalysis.

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"Tree of Life", by Vanessa Hannah Bright

30" x 30" Acrylic on canvas

Preparing for the New York State Case Narrative Examination for the License in Psychoanalysis: an Unofficial Guide

Publication: This is a study guide that I put together to help other psychoanalysts prepare for the New York State License in Psychoanalysis exam. Clicking on the book cover will take you to the page where you can purchase this e-book.

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