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New Here?     Frequently Asked Questions


How Often Should You Come to Therapy?

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact me.

In this section, I will answer some questions I frequently hear about psychoanalytic work, and my particular approach. Read about my Specialties here.

​​How Long are Your Sessions?

- Sessions are 50 minutes long.

Do I Have to Do All the Talking?

- Not at all. I will give you space and listen deeply, but I will also respond and reflect on what you are sharing. This work is the process not only of talking about your problems, but the two of us working through them as a team. My style is related and conversational. I will also often ask questions and encourage you to go deeper.

How Often Do I Have to Come? (See Above Video!)

- This is a complex question, and the answer depends on you. Some people find weekly sessions to be enough - a week between sessions can be a good amount of time to process and digest what we worked on. However, some people want to work on more material in a week or need more contact, and many find that more frequent sessions mean going deeper and the gains are that much more profound. This is something we can discuss in person to see what's right for you.

How Long Will This Take?

- I know, we all want our issues done with yesterday. And if it were possible, you wouldn't need to be here. Psychotherapy is a process because it took a long time for your issues to form and it will take some time for them to begin to shift. Again, how long you stay in therapy depends on the severity of your issues, what's happening in your life right now, and many other factors. But I am well-aware of the need for growth and change, my goal is not to make people life-long clients. Ultimately, how long you stay in therapy is always up to you. Because the truth is, you can always go deeper and keep getting something out of analytic work. 

"I am human, and nothing human is alien to me."


~ Terence, ancient playwright.

This is one of my favorite quotes. It speaks to our wish to be known and our fear of being seen as crazy, alien, weird, and just plain awful, if we were to share our struggles, our deepest feelings, or our thoughts with someone else. And it shares a sentiment of my own very beautifully - that no matter what you think and feel, no matter how "crazy" you think your fears or habits are, or how complicated things are in your mind (and in your life), you are human.  As am I.

Part of the process of psychoanalytic psychotherapy has to do with getting to know yourself at deeper levels, learning to understand your patterns and finding better ways of living life. It is a challenging process, and not one that can happen overnight. I also believe that there is only so far you can go into yourself without a guide, support, and sounding board. It takes courage to seek out such a guide, so give yourself credit wherever you are in the process right now.

I have lived both sides of this equation, I have been to the depths of my own soul (which is a continuously unfolding process), and have had the honor of helping many others delve into their own, discover their strengths, and face their shadows. I deeply believe in the healing power of the therapeutic relationship.

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