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Am I the Right Person for You?

Every therapist and practitioner is unique, and finding one that will fit you best can be like finding a unicorn, because you are both shopping for the right service you need and also looking for a human-to-human match.


I work very well with some people, and not well at all with others -- and every therapist has their own "niche".

Here are the people I tend to be a good fit for:

  • People who are on a healing path.

  • People who are interested in developing spiritually and healing at very deep levels, beyond their mental health.

  • People who want to do shadow work.

  • People who want to explore their dreams in service of their deepest healing. {Dreams are phenomenal at helping us see deeper into the unconscious!}

  • People who have had mystical or spiritual experiences and are looking for ways to integrate and learn from them.

  • People who seek to understand themselves from many perspectives (psychological, energetic, somatic, karmic, and so on).

  • People who are interested in, or have already been working with Plant Medicines (mushrooms, Ayahuasca, Huachuma, bufo, etc.) and want to best prepare for these experiences as well as integrate them afterward.

The true mark of spiritual development is not in your practices or retreats (these are tools and can be profound catalysts), but in how you show up in your daily life, in your relationships, and in your work. However, we all have various unconscious blind spots and patterns we are unable to recognize. Many people go on for years working on themselves without recognizing these, (I know this because I was one of them!) - because it's really hard to see what you have carefully protected yourself from since you were an infant or child. This is where doing the work on your own is difficult, and where work with a therapist can make a genuine difference in your development. Over the years, I have learned to zoom in on where a person tends to get stuck or where they are resistant to change. (Even if you are someone who always works on growing and changing, you still have those areas you resist being aware of - we all do!) I work very hard at offering this awareness with gentleness and kindness, but still without avoiding it. If you are coming to work with me, I consider your time too valuable to waste.



Some areas I help people explore and heal include:

  • Self-expression and its challenges

  • Traumas (small or large) how they shaped your beliefs, and how they are important teachers on the path

  • Discovering and working with the shadow

  • Discovering and exploring your life purpose (and your resistances to this)

  • Understanding your core internal conflicts and struggles and where they show up (relationships, triggers, phobias, hangups, etc.)

  • Individuation work (this is a Jungian concept that refers to stepping into your Self and owning your own power.)

  • Existential issues

  • Exploring the relationship with the body and how it relates to spiritual development

  • {So many more!}





For a list of my offerings, descriptions, and prices,

please click here.

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Sessions via Video Conferencing




(646) 801-2799

I also work with dreams and art in sessions to help understand the unconscious.

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