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Psychotherapy for spiritual, emotional,
mental, & ancestral healing

Why Psychoanalysis Works

I want to tell you a personal story about why I believe in the work of psychoanalysis as much as I do.

​​After spending a decade reading self-help books, trying to meditate and implement all kinds of solutions and plans into my life (all of which were indeed helpful to some degree), I discovered something unexpected, something that I, in fact, resisted with every fiber of my being:

Paradoxically, getting to know yourself deeply requires the presence of another person.

Friends weren't enough. Family members weren't enough. Teachers, coaches, mentors, and even bodywork healers weren't enough - although all of the above have helped me tremendously. Because when I say "presence", I don't mean someone sitting across from you at a coffee shop or even in your living room. What I mean is someone willing to go with you to face all of who you are. Which brings me to my next truth:

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

~ Albert Einstein


The issues you are struggling with (including both mental/emotional and physical ones) are an incredible opportunity to look deeper and get to know yourself better. In order to truly change at the deepest level, what is required a shift in consciousness, in your sense of self. But because these issues are difficult and painful, it feels less incredible and more unfair, frustrating, and just plain awful. And, you probably want them gone, yesterday. I know the feeling.

Obviously, as a psychotherapist, I believe in this work to help one truly heal. I have experienced personally the process of shifting and expanding my consciousness - and now I help others discover and transform their own inner life.

Please explore the rest of this page to see how I work, what my specialties are, and see how you feel as you read what I've written. And if you think you might be ready to dive in, contact me for a consultation.


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If you don't become the ocean,

you'll be seasick every day.

~Leonard Cohen

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