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Psychedelic Integration Session - Zoom

Psychedelic Integration Session - Zoom

Psychedelic Integration Work - done Live via Zoom with me, Vanessa Bright. I have written about this work on my website here. Integration is some of the most important work you'll do after your ceremony or other form of psychedelic experience.


Integration sessions can also be used to prepare for a journey, to clarify your intentions, and to get support in the process. This can be very helpful so that when you return, you already have an ally who can help you integrate.


You do not need to have had a powerful vision or any kind of enormous experience -- whatever happens in a plant medicine experience is important to pay attention to and integrate. Whether yours was blissful, terrifying, gut-wrenching, confusing, or even seemingly boring -- there is still always something to process and integrate. Maybe you've found yourself confused or unmoored following this experience -- that can happen when your system gets a sudden experience of something utterly different from what you have been used to.


I will work with you to help you understand and unpack what happened, figure out what this experience is calling upon you to learn and change in your life. We will talk through it, and we will also utilize your dream life in getting more information and more clarity about all of this. Dreams are absolutely tremendous messengers in general, but particularly after any kind of inner journey, they can be genuine beacons in helping you discern what path to follow and what areas to continue working on.


I have a personal relationship with some of the plant medicines (including non-psychoactive ones!) and can help you make sense of it on the symbolic, emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels because I know what it's like and because I do this for myself in an ongoing way. I will help you find tools to continue living the new version of yourself that returned from the journey. If it is helpful, I can share some of my own experience as well (it can be helpful and normalizing!)


If you have never worked with me before, I recommend doing at least 6 sessions (weekly or every other week) in order to give your experience the time and space it deserves. After that, you can decide how often to proceed, or whether you need to proceed at all. However, if you would like to try a one-time session, I fully welcome it as well. Some integration work is better than none. Please feel free to ask any questions prior to beginning.

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