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Psychedelic Integration

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Psychedelic Medicines, Plant Medicines, or entheogens are different names for potentially transformative substances. The research about these is exploding as we speak, and the results are profound and incredibly promising. If you choose to experience these, the work begins long before the ceremony, and the next level of it begins after the ceremony and lasts for 6-9 months. The ceremony itself may be intense, terrifying, blissful, and so much to go through, but its potential in being transformative lies in processing and integrating the experience after returning home.

The photo of this page is a maloka (sacred space) in which I participated in drinking ayahuasca (and also Huachuma/San Pedro in a separate ceremony) with a group of people, held by a skilled Peruvian shaman. I have also experienced cannabis in a psychedelic way.

So, I myself am a fellow journeyer and psychonaut. I feel it is important for you to know that, although I cannot know exactly what you went through, I do know what the process is like and how it feels. I will also be happy to share some of my experience with you if it feels useful for you to know. (For some people experiencing these medicines for the first time, having someone else's experience for comparison can be very grounding and validating.) Either way, I have genuine empathy, and I also have tremendous respect and love for these medicines -- they are close to my heart. I also have firsthand experience in the ups and downs of integration.



I offer psychedelic integration as a service that is separate from therapy but can also be a part of it. I can help you understand what happened in your ceremony from different angles, and I can help you explore how to proceed, what your resistances are, and how to integrate a new version of yourself into your life. This is a process and not a linear set of tasks.

In this process, I use my skills as a therapist and also as a dream analyst, because post-ceremony dreams can be the most potent and transformative.

I can also help you prepare for an upcoming journey if you are planning one. Beyond the required dietary changes, there are ways to prepare that can allow you to have more clarity and go deeper in ceremony. I like to joke that I don't want to travel thousands of miles and spend thousands of dollars to a ceremony only to find out that I need to exercise and drink more water. So preparation for the ceremony involves becoming more and more honest with yourself and beginning the journey long before you sit in the sacred circle.

I recommend committing to at least 8 sessions in order to have ample time to process your experience, but it can also be an ongoing process without a specific number of sessions.

Please reach out to me for a consultation to see if you would like to do integration work with me, or go ahead to my booking page to sign up for a single session or a 6-pack of sessions.

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